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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 0: Operating environment

Answer: This application may not be able to use the “Get sound from process” function on Windows 10 if it has not been updated up to the last 2 years.

Currently, the environment in which we have confirmed the operation in Windows 10 is “Windows 10 21H2 19044.2846.”

Question 1: Transcription is slow.

Answer: The speed of transcription depends on the specs of your computer.

Question 2: Why is the transcription so slow?

Answer: Please see “Saving recorded sound” in the document.

Question 3: Transcription accuracy is poor.

Answer 1: For microphones, accuracy depends on the environment. If the microphone performance is not good enough to acquire clean sound, it may not be able to transcribe well.

Answer 2: There may be a problem with the pronunciation of the person speaking. Please speak with clear pronunciation.

Answer 3: Worst case scenario is that there is some kind of application glitch that is preventing the transcription. Please contact us at Contact Us and we may be able to help you.

Answer 4: If you are using tiny or base models, the accuracy will inevitably be poor. In this case, I think you have to give up.

Question 4: The model downloads slowly.

Answer: Give up.

Question 5: do I download the model?

Answer: I don’t know either. Please note that, at the moment, it is difficult to implement the time notation for downloading for various reasons.

Question 6: What is the privacy policy of the software?

Answer: It is located here.

Currently, it is only available in Japanese.

Question 7: Where is the site’s privacy policy?

Answer: It is located here.

Other links are also listed in the footer section at the very end of the page.

Currently, it is only available in Japanese.

Question 8: Where can I contact you?

Answer: It is located here.